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Current exhibition
Giant Bingo
Belinda Harrow
November 10 to December 23, 2015
Artist Belinda Harrow looks carefully at the game of internet dating for the Giant Bingo exhihbition: Looking for a fresh start. Looking for fun-loving ladies. Looking for someone honest. Looking for my partner in crime. These declarations infuse the online world, carefully attuned phrases to attract a like-minded special someone. Despite the odds, the idea of a big win looms tantalisingly within reach, ready for the moment when two people yell "Bingo!"
Giant Bingo uses the game of bingo as a metaphor for dating, and Harrow employs beaver iconography to explore love and partnerships. Heading the tabletop and wall-displayed cards are single, paired and families of beavers. These groupings demonstrate what is being played for. The single beaver represents the casual end of the dating spectrum and more traditional long-term partnerships are depicted by the couples and happy families. The appeal of the beaver, as Harrow points out, lies in their behaviour: "Beavers are an admirable species; they mate for life, are monogamous and build wonderful homes for their families."

Current exhibition
My History, My Tradition
Catherine Blackburn, Katherine Boyer
November 10 to December 23, 2015
My History, My Tradition features the portraint and bead works of two leading Saskatchewan artists: Catherine Blackburn and Katherine Boyer. The works in the show highlight the artists' connections to their heritage and traditions, while at the same time showing their strong individual identities as contemporary artists.
Catherine Blackburn shapes dialogues between traditional art forms and her innovative contemporary designs. Using beadwork patterns found on traditional Dene clothing, Blackburn interprets and reinterprets, cycling the traditional patterns through her own contemporary processes of painting and beading.
Katherine Boyer's work makes connections between history, tradition, and her own identity as a contemporary Métis artist. Creating linocut and silkscreen images from family photographs, Boyer invites her viewers to share in personal and intimate moments - the open honesty of a laughing face, the caring strength in a loving gaze.

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