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Our Current Exhibitions
Treasures from the VaultKenneth Lochhead Bonspiel ©1954
Works in the Saskatchewan Arts Board
Permanent Collection

September 23 to December 14, 2012

A special exhibition of works drawn from the Permanent Collection of the Saskatchewan Arts Board that commemorates a series of cultural milestones in Yorkton! Treasures from the Vault features iconic Canadian art works by artists from Saskatchewan.

Artists in the exhibition include Victor Cicansky, Joe Fafard, Kenneth Lochhead, Edward Poitras, Arthur MacKay, Ted Godwin, Jeannie Mah, Lionel Peyachew, Otto Rogers, Mary Longman and Richard Gorenko.

Treasures from the Vault celebrates a series of cultural anniversaries in Yorkton: 2011 was the 45th anniversary of the Yorkton Arts Council and the 30th year of the Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre. 2012 is the 65th year of the Yorkton Film Festival and the 10th anniversary of programming by an independent Godfrey Dean Art Gallery.

When the Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre building opened in 1981 the first exhibition was loaned by the Saskatchewan Arts Board and featured well known artists and art works, including a bronze cow by Joe Fafard. Another work by Fafard, a sculpture of First Nation leader Big Bear, features prominently in Treasures.

Treasures from the Vault was curated by Godfrey Dean Art Gallery director Donald Stein.

For more information call the gallery at 306.786.2992 or email gdag@sasktel.net

2012 Exhibitions
Ed Stachyruk Photographs
Memory Eternal:
Secret Churches of West Central Saskatchewan
July 9 to September 9, 2012

Wynyard photographer Ed Stachyruk has been quietly documenting the interiors of tiny and sometimes hidden Ukrainian Catholic churches, including many built from logs and dating from the early 20th century. Although some communities they served have moved on or disappeared, most are carefully tended by remaining parishioners and continue to be used today.

When these hidden gems dwindle and fall into disuse, to protect sacred artifacts and heritage they may be deconsecrated. An integral part of the settler experience, in time many will vanish along with log cabins and sod enclosures to become part of folklore rather than living experience.

Ed Stachyruk's photographs, crafted with careful attention to detail, offer an homage to this visual and spiritual heritage, part of the fabric of west central Saskatchewan and across the Prairies that is slowly fading away.

Visitors will note that to help with their preservation, none of the sites are identified in terms of church names or locations.

2012 Exhibitions
Legacy of Stone
Photographs by Larry Easton
July 9 to September 9, 2012

Larry Easton traveled far and wide in Saskatchewan to capture images of stone buildings in all their glory, from the proudly maintained and rebuilt to the state of ruin and disarray.

Larry is an award-winning professional photographer and editor for the Regina Photo Club. The photographs in the exhibition were published by Coteau Books in Legacy of Stone: Saskatchewan's Stone Buildings written by Margaret Hryniuk and Frank Korvemaker. It tells the history and current reality of over 50 fieldstone buildings in the province.

Legacy of Stone won Book of the Year at the 2009 Saskatchewan Book Awards.

2012 Exhibitions
Landscape & Memory:©2012 Donald Stein
In Our Time

June 4 to 29, 2012
Artist reception 2 pm Sunday, June 10

In Our Time is the theme for the 2012 Landscape & Memory exhibition showcasing Yorkton and Parkland region artists. Artists reflect the world around them, and that world is changing.

Join us at 2pm on Sunday, June 10 to meet the artists and join the celebration of the wide-ranging creativity in our community.

2012 Exhibitions
Dimensions©2012 Donald Stein
Fine Craft on tour from the
Saskatchewan Craft Council

April 26th to May 25th, 2012

Each year the Craft Council selects from among the best Saskatchewan artisans and puts together this amazing touring exhibition. Exquisite wood work, jewelry, metal, ceramics, innovative fabric creations and more.

This is wonderful chance to see a snapshot of what is happening in Saskatchewan fine craft today.

2012 Exhibitions
3 Yorkton Artists,
3 New Exhibitions!
March 4 to April 13, 2012

Kristopher Grunert
Features international architecture and industrial photography from China, the Americas and Africa. From the subterranean excavation of mineral and resource extraction to the shimmering futuristic towers of Beijing and Macau, time and raw human endeavour are compressed in an alchemical transformation from earthwork to glittering palaces of metropolism.

Kenton Doupe
Yorkton Regional High School student Kenton Doupe created 100 Portraits of people in his life. Starting with profile pictures taken from Facebook pages, Kenton translates the images into outlines, then stencils, and finally spray paints the resulting portraits onto canvas. Using a medium associated with graffiti, democracy and free speech, this reverse-engineering of the world's dominant high-tech social space produces a decidedly low-tech, personal statement.

Sam Derkatch
An emerging artist who calls his work "hillbilly photography." Exploring the lost and abandoned places in our rural environment, Sam captures moments of decay and solitude as remnants of settlement and human presence slowly dissolve back into the land. On exhibit in the Serpentine Atrium.

All three exhibitions open at 2 pm on Sunday, March 4th, 2012

2012 Exhibitions
A Fading Light ...
25 Photographers,
25 Years of Photography at SIAST
January 12th to February 11th, 2012

Artist reception 2 pm, Sunday January 15th

This exhibition was organized by curator Gary Robins to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the SIAST Applied Photography program in 2011. Twenty five photographers were selected from over 200 submissions, all alumni of the program.

The show presents some of the best images from current professional photographers and from alumni when they were students. Portraiture, documentary, commercial and fine art works are featured.

Sadly, the SIAST program was closed in 2011. A Fading Light and its accompanying hardcover publication became a commemoration of the history and success of 25 years of work developing photographers in Saskatchewan.


Erin Ball Darlene Barss Justin Boulet Krista Crellin Kaitlin Dale
Vienna DiRuscio Stacey Fissel Fortner Trevor Hopkin Katurah Green Rasmussen Jaclyn Hall
Greg Huszar Darrel Kajati Kari Kerluke Colleen Leonard Carrie MacPherson
Kristin MacPherson Lori Maxim Charles Melnick Colin Norheim Carolyn Pihach
Kelsey Qualman Wendy Richards Christy Thackeray Janet Weber Young Jason Yee

2012 Exhibitions
Wanderlust & Words
Travel Photography by Louise Tessier
December 2011 through February 24th, 2012

Inspired by music, poetry, gardens and travel, Regina artist Louise Tessier is attracted to art in its many forms. After 11 years of working exclusively in clay, she took a sabbatical to investigate other forms. Wanderlust & Words is her first solo exhibition of photography.

The works are featured in the Serpentine Atrium Gallery.