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2014 Exhibition

Violins: A Passion Revealed

October 4 to December 17, 2014

People kept coming to see the violin exhibition, so we extended it until Wednesday, December 17.
Celebrating the handcrafted violins of Yorkton luthier James Alexander Huziak (1906-1996) over 40 instruments are on exhibit, along with specialty tools and forms used in the art, science and craft of making a violin.
James Huziak made his first violin in the 1930s, drawn by his love of the instrument and the music it made. He continued to pursue his passion, gradually building more and more until his retirement in 1970, when be began to produce consistently. Throughout the 1970s and 80s, right up until he passed away in 1996, Huziak crafted up to three instruments a year, consistently striving to make the ideal musical instrument.
It's a remarkable body of work, and a rare opportunity to see this many violins by a single maker, gathered together for what could be the last time before they're dispersed by the family.
The opening reception 2pm, Saturday Oct. 4 was celebrated by 300 people! Hope you were able to make it to see the exhibition.



2014 Exhibition

Surreal Saskatchewan

November 1 to December 17, 2014
Surreal Saskatchewan might be the best touring exhibition from the OSAC Arts on the Move program that we've hosted at the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery. Paintings by seven diverse and intriguiging Saskatchewan artists that range from Prairie Gothic to slightly abstract, from dreams to fanciful landscapes. Curated by Belinda Harrow from the permanent collection of the Saskatchewan Arts Board.
This exhibition also has a really great education package for school tour groups, let us know if you're interested. We've had a steady stream of enthusiastic students who enjoy the scavenger hunts that are tailored for different age groups.

2014 Exhibition Event
Special Violin Concert
7pm October 4th at St. Andrew's United Church
A selection of Huziak violins will be played in concert by the Ambiance Music Combo, featuring members of the Regina Symphony.
The performance takes place at St. Andrew's United Church in Yorkton. Visit www.huziak.ca for more information

2014 Exhibition
Joe Varro: TRACKSJoe Varro TRACKS
July 14 to September 14, 2014
Closing Reception 2pm Sunday, Sept. 14
Art of Railroading: paintings, drawings, prints and sketches from the 1940s and 1950s documenting working life on the railroad at the end of the steam era. As a young man, Joe Varro worked on the CPR, beginning during WWII and continuing through the 1950s when he left to continue his education and become an art teacher.
Never exhibited before, the work was assembled and curated by ceramic artist Vic Cicansky.

2014 Exhibition
Fertile GroundFertile Ground at the Godfrey Dean Gallery
August 1 to September 23, 2014
The Development of Contemporary Ceramics in Saskatchewan, from the Collection of the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery. A selected survey of Saskatchewan Ceramics curated by Heather Smith.
"Since the 1960s there has been an explosion of craftspeople and artists working with clay in Saskatchewan. It is as if this movement sprang from nowhere, but actually there are some very good reasons why making art out of clay has been so successful here. The craft-focussed community education programming of the 1950s-era Saskatchewan Arts Board, the abundance of local clay, the network of provincial craft sales, the appreciative audience, and the interest in regional art in the 1970s have all played an important part." Heather Smith

2014 Exhibition

Landscape & Memory 2014

The response to Landscape & Memory 2014 was awesome, with 30 artists placing 100 artworks in this year's exhibition!! We were busy getting everything installed on the walls and when the show was finally ready to open in June it was quite dazzling. If you didn't come and see for yourself, we're sorry to tell you that it's now finished!

Exhibition May 30 to June 27

Artist reception 2-4 pm on Sunday, June 8



Landscape & Memory 2014 was wonderful and amazing!

At least, that's what people said in the comments that came in. Both galleries looked great and the range of artwork and ideas was invigorating. If you didn't drop in and check it out, either during the week or for the opening that Sunday afternoon, sadly you missed it.




2014 Exhibition
Art of the Revolution
April 14 to May 24, 2014
During the winter of 2013-14, thousands gathered in protest on Kyiv’s Independence Square or EuroMaidan in response to the political problems that had beset Ukraine over the many years, including corruption, manipulation and intimidation. The protests resulted in the transformation of the social and political order.

At the time, circulating on Kyiv’s EuroMaidan, were poster images that captured the energy and vitality of the transformative process that was occurring. Designed and created for mass distribution through the medium of the private printer, they testify to a deep desire for change and are symbolic of the best impulses of a society mobilizing in its own defense.

Art of the Revolution presents 50 of the posters, curated by Prof. Bohdan Kordan from the Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage at the University of Saskatchewan



2014 Exhibition
March 31 to April 26, 2014

What do these 4 objects have in common? They're all part of Dimensions, an exhibition of the best of Saskatchewan fine craft. Every two years the Saskatchewan Craft Council holds a juried competition to select the best examples that artists and artisans create around the province.

The resulting exhibition tours around the Saskatchewan, and select venues in other provinces. This is your last chance to see the range and talent shown resulting from the jury's selections, until the next round in 2016.



2014 Exhibition
Don Hall:
February 24 to March 22, 2014

Don Hall grew up in Saskatchewan and has explored and recorded Saskatchewan landscape throughout his life and career. Head of the Photography Department at the University of Regina, he is known as one of Saskatchewan’s finest photographers and is included in many public and private collections.

Hall began his training while the world of photography was firmly embedded in film technology. Attending the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus in 1968-1970, he continued his studies at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta where he received a Diploma of Photographic Technology in 1972.

Hall’s work depicts rural and urban landscapes, architecture, and portraits, frequently with a Saskatchewan focus. He has a long history photographing performing arts and especially dance, working with the New Dance Horizons company in Regina. He is highly sought after by galleries and art collections to photograph artworks for catalogues.

Don Hall has been exhibiting his work since the 1970s in group and solo shows across Canada. His photographs are represented in collections including the National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa), Saskatchewan Arts Board, Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Glenbow Museum (Calgary), and the University of Calgary.

The photographs selected for this exhibition are slightly acerbic, reflecting perhaps a dry or unaltered perspective on the landscape. Don Hall takes the approach of a documentarian. In what might be called a classical framework, the proposition that this is the simple truth of what the photographer encountered. This is the veracity of the plains.









2014 Exhibition
Martin Weinhold ©2012
Martin Weinhold
WorkSpace Saskatchewan
February 24 to March 29, 2014

Martin Weinhold is a photographer and cameraman who lectures at Ryerson University in Toronto. His occupation as a cameraman for television as well as for independent artistic and scientific TV productions informs his practice. The project “WorkSpace” began in 2006 as a commissioned work for the Goethe Institut Toronto, in order to create a feature exhibition at Toronto’s Contact Photography Festival which successfully took place in 2007. In 2011 Martin Weinhold was a guest of the Ryerson-Goethe Photo Residency in Toronto with WorkSpace Canada.

The focus of his photographic work is the artistic examination of a portrait within the social context of his subject. Since 2006 Martin Weinhold has been undertaking the visual exploration of occupational concepts through portrait photography. The mega project WorkSpace Canada is intended for a 10-year time frame.

Martin Weinhold has a vision. The project includes an unspoken goal: to change European, and especially German, stereotypical cultural perceptions of Canadians and their daily occupations. WorkSpace Saskatchewan reflects Weinhold’s photography in workplaces around the province.

Heroic Realism
Other political perspectives inform the work. Weinhold grew up in East Berlin and East Germany. Coming of age politically during the era of German reunification and the Berlin Wall coming down, Weinhold witnessed the widespread adoption of capitalist free market economic and political structures into the formerly communist society. WorkSpace Canada pays tribute to the worker in a contemporary capitalist society.

Martin Weinhold has extensive teaching experience as a lecturer and instructor, at University of the Arts Berlin, Ryerson University Toronto as well as at the Design-Schule 2.0 Leipzig and Schwerin, where he is the head of the photography department.

He uses a Hasselblad 501 CM (1998) camera, shoots on Ilford HP 5, FUJI Neopan 400 and Kodak TMY-2-400 film (medium format, 2 1/4 inch.) All films are processed in darkroom facilities in Toronto and Berlin. All prints are hand-made in Weinhold’s darkroom facility in Berlin. They are printed in a two-developer process on Bergger Prestige (France), a fibre based warm tone paper, double weight (280g/m2), with a slow chlorine-bromine-silver emulsion.









2014 Exhibition

Kenton Doupe: Portraits
January 18 to February 15, 2014

Yorkton's Kenton Doupe is well known to Godfrey Dean Art Gallery audiences. Since exhibiting his first drawings at the age of 15, Kenton has continued to create and exhibit new work.

Now in first year of fine art studies at the University of Saskatchewan, Kenton is developing two of his many passions: photography and portraiture.

Portraits is an exhibition of Black & White photography featuring amateur and professional subjects. He uses both digital and traditional photography and printing. Kenton is inspired by the ideas of masking and perception, creating a moody and compelling body of work.

Join us on Saturday at 2 pm to meet Kenton and see the latest results of this prolific young Yorkton artist.

2014 Exhibition
Spectacles of Nature

Winnipeg Photographer Hans Arnold
January 13 to February 15, 2014

Hans Arnold is a Fine Art photographer from Winnipeg. He’s been traveling and photographing in Manitoba’s north for 40 years and has amassed an impressive body of work. His job as a facilities manager for a large school division took him across the province in all kinds of conditions and in every season. Along the way his familiarity with particular vistas and changing qualities of light gave him ample opportunity to develop and refine his skills as a landscape and nature photographer.


Since his retirement in 2009 Hans focused on his professional practice. He does his own fine art quality printing and framing and sells much of his work. His Yorkton exhibition, Spectacles of Nature, takes place as part of the launch of his second coffeetable book, Up North: Manitoba\'s Last Frontier.


The 2014 Photography Festival ...
©2012 Kristopher Grunert
Saskatchewan Prairie Light
Photography Festival
January to March 2014

A few lingering exhibitions concluded April through June might still be found on the online festival and event listing, hosted by The Saskatchewan NAC (Network for Art Collecting) website.

Go to their website at www.sknac.ca and select events, or search Prairie Light Festival, or just click on this link:

Go to the Festival Event Listing

Follow the Festival on Facebook
You can get information here as it takes place, and follow us on facebook.com/saskatchewanprairielight

The cover image for the festival is by Yorkton\'s award-winning Kristopher Grunert, a photograph of the Macau Science Centre in China, designed by Pei Partnership Architects, New York. You can see more of Kristopher\'s work at grunertimaging.com