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Board of Directors

The Gallery is governed by a board of directors, members of which are elected at annual general meetings held in spring.

The members of the 2018-19 board are:

Stephanie Newsham, Chair
Maureen Pankoski, Vice Chair
Jessica Stirrett, Treasurer
Larry Pearen, Curtis Sarafincian, members at large


Donald Stein, Executive Director

Donald Stein is an arts administrator with 20 years experience in public program development, marketing and communications in the cultural sector. Prior to his appointment in 2007 as the Executive Director of the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery, he was the General Manager of New Dance Horizons, Saskatchewan's most innovative and accomplished dance company.

Stein was Artist in Residence at CBC Saskatchewan, creating audio and performance works for the Dunlop Art Gallery and for the Shumiatcher Theatre of the MacKenzie Art Gallery. In 2006 WordFest: Banff-Calgary International Writers Festival produced an installation of his photography and performance at the EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts in Calgary. Stein also creates scores for award-winning film and television, including the Lasa Media SCN series Redemption, Saskatchewan and Jason Neilson's animated 35mm short Last Dream.

Before moving to Saskatchewan, Stein was the Associate Director of Planning at the Banff Centre for the Arts, and Director of the Banff Centre Press. He has a Master's degree in Adult and Community Education and is active in the volunteer sector as a board member and consultant for various local, regional and national arts organizations.


Kelly Litzenberger, Gallery Manager

Kelly Litzenberger is the founder and director of MEEP Creative Agency, a small design studio specializing in branding and marketing established in Yorkton, SK. Kelly is also part of the new generation of LEGO builders that source parts from the worldwide community to create unique architectural models. Godfrey Dean Art Gallery commissioned Kelly to create four historic buildings in LEGO for a larger exhibition in the summer of 2018.

A greater portion of Kelly’s 20s were spent operating Revolution Snow and Skate (1998-2004), the  first action sports retail store in Yorkton. Kelly grew up skateboarding, riding BMX, drawing and playing his fathers eclectic music collection; all of which helped shape his design and photographic aesthetic while living in the open landscapes of Yorkton and Melville, SK. 

Kelly was based in Vancouver, BC for 7 years as the Editor and Art Director of Concrete Skateboarding, a national skateboarding magazine. He is also an accomplished photographer and his images are used in print media and online publications in Saskatchewan and across Canada. 


Shirley Hart, Children's Art Programs
Shirley brings an infectious enthusiasm to her work with children. Using a range of art, craft techniques and cultural explorations, her classes explore ideas and creativity that delight and enthrall young artists. Shirley engages the imagination of everyone in the room and creates a safe and respectful environment to grow and develop new ideas.

Shirley's approach to creating workstations and series of interconnected activities allows children to work through activities at their own pace, with the freedom to linger and explore where their interests take them. Everyone is celebrated for their accomplishments, but skills and knowledge are being absorbed in a room filled with enthusiasm.